Vile woman deliberately dips baby in boiling water ‘after she pooed on carpet’

A woman has been charged with causing massive injuries to a young girl’s genitals and buttocks after allegedly dousing her in boiling water in Florida.

Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG-TV reports Angelina Mayton was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated child abuse causing serious bodily injury.

Local police have said they believe the shocking violence was 'punishment' for the little girl soiling a carpet.

Reports in Florida say the 23-year-old woman intentionally burned the girl by pouring scalding hot water on her genitals, buttocks, and back as punishment.

It's thought the injuries are likely to have left the child permanently disfigured.

Following the incident, WKMG reports Mayton took the youngster to Palm Bay Hospital on the morning of December 27.

She had suffered third-degree burns below the waist with Mayton reportedly claiming that she had put the girl in a bath and left the bathroom briefly.

She then speculated that the girl had somehow turned on a hot tap and scalded herself.

However, medics soon dismissed this because the burns patterns appeared more deliberate.

The girl was then transferred to a paediatric burn unit and rehabilitation centre at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando.

The doctor told investigators that the victim’s burns “were in a unified pattern as though her back, buttocks and privates had been dipped into the water,” WKMG reported.

“The doctor also noted, according to detectives, that there were no burns on the girl’s feet or arms, meaning that they were not submerged in the water and that there were no splash marks, which would have indicated that the child had been in the tub and tried to escape when the water became too hot as Mayton had suggested,” the report stated.

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Florida Today reports experts believe the water was “at least 150 degrees” in Fahrenheit.

The victim’s age and relation to Mayton were not disclosed, the DCFS investigator also reportedly found that the little girl was “not tall enough to raise herself out of the water” as Mayton had claimed.

Witnesses said on the morning the burns happened, she had defecated on the living room carpet and investigators reportedly decided Mayton had intentionally poured the hot water on the girl as “malicious punishment” for the defecation.

Doctors also spotted alleged multiple other injuries which are claimed to be part of a campaign of abuse.

These include extensive bruising and scratches as well as a broken wrist that was untreated and appeared to have been fractured approximately two weeks earlier.

Mayton was booked at the Brevard County Jail Thursday and released Friday after posting a $35,000 bail bond.

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