Was there a gas explosion in Lackawanna, NY?

A WOMAN has died in Lackawanna, New York in an apparent gas explosion.

Officials are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Was there a gas explosion in Lackawanna, NY?

An elderly woman suffered a gas explosion in her home in Bedford Ave at about 7am ET on July 20, 2021. 

She was identified by authorities as 92-year-old Irene Sanok.

A woman who lived behind the house described the damage that she saw – including a mattress on top of the roof.

Nearly 600 neighbors did not have power until it was restored a few hours later.

What did people say about the gas explosion in Lackawanna, NY?

Neighbor Michael Salamone who lives across the street from Sanok’s house saw the explosion.

“I got my coffee, walked to the front window as usual, and then everything went white,” Salamone told WGRZ. 

“When the debris stopped falling, and the smoke cleared, I could see that the house across the street was leveled.”

Salamone is a volunteer reserve firefighter with Reserve Hose Fire Co. and grabbed a fire extinguisher to check if anyone around was okay.

One resident in the area told WIVB that their "house felt like someone slammed into it."

Another added: "My entire house shook and the power is out, in mine and the apartment downstairs."

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