We live in the shadow of top secret US mountain base – we see UFOs all the time & aliens take our cattle

FOR more than 60 years, members of a remote tribe have believed they live in the shadow of a secret US military base.

It is claimed that UFOs are a regular sight around the mountain said to house the legendary "Dulce Base" outside the town of Dulce, New Mexico.

For decades people living in the town say they have heard strange noises and lights originating from the Archuleta Mesa mountain — with some even alleging they were abducted and taken to a secret alien lair deep within. 

The small town of 3,000 people — home to the Jicarilla Apache Nation headquarters – have allegedly witnessed egg-shaped crafts and had their cattle strangely mutilated. 

Ex- reservation police detective Avery Tafoya told The Sun Online: “Everybody in Dulce knows pretty much about it, and we all realise it is there. 

“There is a growing interest in this and it's worldwide, not just here.”

And next year there is an event called Dulce Base UFO Conference happening on June 17 to 19 to shine a light on the mysterious site.

Rumour has it that there is a huge multi-storey base in Archuleta Mesa mountain operated in secret by the US military that is involved with UFOs and aliens.

The most outlandish theories claim the site is actually the first ever joint facility operated by humans alongside aliens.

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But whatever you believe about the incredibly remote 9,224 ft peak – for the people of Dulce there is something strange going on just outside their town.

Mysterious stories first surfaced about alien activity in the mid-1970s after a US Government security officer allegedly tried to blow the whistle to local police. 

A report was allegedly written by federal investigators – and Mr Tafoya said he may have glimpsed a copy of it in the tribal police filing system. 

During a night shift, he claimed he accidentally came across it – and while leafing through it he found drawings.

They were said to describe a seven-level deep laboratory run by humans and aliens with twisted genetic experiments aimed at producing hybrid organisms.

At the time Mr Tafoya did not know what he was looking at and said he wondered if it had been misfiled.

But he said he was no stranger to the theory of a sprawling base within the mountain. 

Growing up, he heard rumours of a base within the mountain as well as of it being constructed from below the crust of the Earth.

I have heard stories about people hearing machinery but there was no machinery up on the surface, anywhere

Mr Tafoya told The Sun Online: “I have heard stories about people hearing machinery but there was no machinery up on the surface, anywhere. 

“My theory was that it was obviously coming from underground. 

“I had an elderly lady tell me they were actually sitting outside and they could hear this and the ground was actually shaking.”

The Sun Online has seen documents unearthed by a freedom of information request that US military engineers at this time did possess the capability of secretly worming their way underground in secret.

Now Mr Tafoya is determined to find an entrance to the supposed underground base and is planning an expedition up the nearly 10,000 ft Archuleta Mesa.

Because it is sacred ground only a member of the tribe, like himself, has permission to scale the mountain's jagged and rough terrain.

A road does exist to the top, which can be accessed with a huge SUV to allow the maintenance of a series of radio and phone masts. 

The rest of the mountain is extremely treacherous on foot and finding an entrance is difficult. 

Yet Mr Tafoya is determined on his mission to find the opening.

He said: “It is about being systematic and looking around.”

Recently he took part in a documentary for the Discovery Channel called UFO Witness.

Accompanied by former FBI agent Ben Hansen, he attempted to scale the mountain but was thwarted by snow on the track. 

But the pair managed to direct a heat camera toward the side of the mountain and were stunned at what they saw. 

Mr Tafoya said: “We could see a heat plume coming out of the rock. 

“So that’s one area and I would want to get to put heat cameras to see if we pick up anything that could come from a vent.”

Accounts from local people claim a section of the mountain near here opened up and crafts emerged. 

In the documentary Jicarilla elder, Geri Julian, described a terrifying encounter she said allegedly happened nearby the Archuleta Mesa mountain in 1986.

I couldn’t scream. I was holding on to the mattress and they were trying to pull me off.

She recalled driving with her husband when they both saw an extremely bright light with a dome on top. 

She said: “My husband looked at me and said right away ‘get in the truck’ I got in the truck.”

But she said the truck’s engine then failed and “two small people started climbing down a ladder”.

Just then, she said, the vehicle started up and the two beings went back in and the craft headed towards a hole in the mountain.  

Later that night she woke up in her room and “two small people” were at the end of her bed, trying to pull her off the bed.

She said: “I couldn’t scream. I was holding on to the mattress and they were trying to pull me off. And then my husband moved and then they let me go.”

An actual abduction report was made six years previously on May 4, 1980. 


While driving home with her six-year-old son, Merna Hansen said she came across UFOs, one of which she claimed was lifting up a cow with a beam of light.

The next thing she knew the crafts were gone.

However, the car was stopped and the engine was no longer running — and six hours had passed. 

Freaked out by what she claimed happened, she reportedly recalled being abducted under hypnosis with experienced UFO investigator Leo Sprinkle.

During the regression session, one of the UFOs turned its attention to their car and said that both she and her son were taken on board one of the crafts.. 

She described her abductors as “gray” aliens. 

Both were undressed and subject to various examinations and procedures. 

After this, they witnessed the cow being captured earlier being cut up.

She said she also saw large vats and illuminated containers with “suspended human body parts” inside. 

It all sounds like a bad nightmare than reality — but shortly before the alleged incident police reportedly were investigating mutilated cows. 

In the late 1970s New Mexico State Trooper Gabriel Valdez claimed he found a series of disturbing cattle mutilations.

The officer claimed inside one dead cow he found what he claimed to be a hybrid that "looked like a human, a monkey and a frog".

An even wildly claim was made by self-styled whistle-blower Philip Schneider, who claims he was working on the construction of a massive underground Cold War base near Dulce.

He claimed he and his engineer team broke through to an ancient cavern system where "Grey" extraterrestrials had set up a base.

Schneider also said he was confronted by seven-foot-tall creatures, which stunk like burning rubbish, which prompted him to draw his sidearm he happened to be carrying.

Opening fire, he claimed to have killed two before being hit with "some kind of plasma weapon".

He survived but claimed he lost several fingers. Meanwhile, the military immediately called in special forces and a battle ensued after which peace was made and a joint human/alien facility was set up.

It is claimed earthlings were given alien tech in exchange for the extraterrestrials being allowed to carry out experiments.

Despite his claims, however — there has never been any definitive proof of his statements.

He died shortly afterward in 1996 in what was officially deemed a "suicide".

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