Weed-infused gummies and pills could be rolled out to combat Covid, says expert

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Cannabis-infused gummies could be rolled out as a form of Covid-19 prevention within the next year, a scientist has revealed.

Dr Richard Van Breemen has claimed that two cannabis acidic compounds, that can often be found in hemp, can stop the virus from entering into human cells.

The researcher, from Oregon State University, has launched a study that could lead to groundbreaking results with the hopes of preventing the virus with either a pill or a yummy treat.

The study highlights two compounds, cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), which can apparently bind to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, which causes Covid.

It has been reported that by binding to the spike protein, the two compounds can reportedly avert the virus away from entering the cells, which offers new possible routes to help stop and treat the infection.

And although it's early days, Dr Breemen claims the two compounds have proved "equally effective" against two strains of Covid such as the alpha and beta variants.

He said: "We were particularly pleased to see that these compounds could be effective against some of the early variants.

"We haven't yet tested it against Omicron or the Delta variant but we hope to do so very soon."

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The lead researcher went on to explain that CBDA and CBGA are non-psychoactive compounds that become "unstable when they're heated."

Because of this, it is likely that they cannot be consumed through methods such as vaping or smoking and would need to be harvested separately.

Breemen claims that the medication would probably have to be taken orally such as in the form of traditional pills capsules, or gummy bears.

He believes Marijuana-based medicines could be introduced within the next couple of months.

Breeman says the medicines would act as the "perfect intervention" to stop people from having to quarantine after being exposed to the virus.

The scientist explained the next phase of research depends on crucial funding to progress toward clinical trials to find out whether the compounds work inhibitory in humans.

He warned that the cannabis extract alone is not enough to stop an unvaccinated person from catching Covid-19.

Breeman further warned that resistant variants of Covid could still arise but said he hopes combining the compound treatments with vaccines may make it tougher for new strains to cause infections.

It has been confirmed the study still needs to be peer-reviewed.

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