Who are White Boy Rick's kids?

RICHARD Wershe Jr., known as White Boy Rich was an undercover FBI informant in the 1980's.

He spent over three decades in prison, not getting the chance to spend time with his family.

Who are White Boy Rick's kids?

Wershe's life story was turned into a true-crime documentary called "White Boy"that was picked up by Netflix.

After spending 32 years incarcerated, Wershe was released from prison in Florida, on July 20, 2020 having completed his sentence with credits for good behavior.

Wershe is a father of two daughters and a son.

White Boy Rick is also a grandfather of six grandchildren.

After his release, he went back to his long-term fiancee Michelle Macdonald whom he has been dating since middle school.

"We were very overwhelmed," she had told WXYZ at the time.

"Everything went as planned. (He's) happy, healthy and excited (and) emotional. All the things I guess you expect after 32 years."

Ever since he was released, Richard Jr has been an advocate for prison reform and works with Team Wellness to help ex-convicts.

Who is White Boy Rick's son?

Wershe's son, Richard Williams who goes by simply Rich W is a University of Michigan graduate.

According to Deadline Detroit, Rich, who is in his 30s, has a white-collar job.

During the screening of "White Boy Rick,"the Hollywood adaptation of his father's life, back in 2018, he told the outlet that his dad was smarter and more caring than what the movie had portrayed.

He added that Wershe's dad, Richard Wershe Sr., who was played by Matthew McConaughey, was portrayed too positively, almost heroic at times.

When he was asked what t will be like when he hangs out with his father after his release he responded: "Honestly, I don't know, we've got some catching up to do."

Who are White Boy Rick's daughters?

White Boy Rick also has two daughters and six grandchildren.

Their identities have not been revealed.

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