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BRITSH crocodile expert and academic has pleaded guilty to 60 charges relating to bestiality and child abuse material.

Adam Robert Corden Britton, 51, began his offending in 2014 up until his arrest in April 2022.

Who is Adam Robert Corden Britton?

Adam grew up in England and received his PhD in Zoology at the University of Bristol.

He moved to Australia in 1996 to pursue his fascination with crocodiles.

He met his future wife Erin and together they set up a consultancy called Big Gecko, which sold footage of crocodiles to TV and film directors.

They worked with natural history shows which featured on the BBC and National Geographic.

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He once hosted Sir David Attenborough while the veteran broadcaster reportedly filmed part of a docuseries on his property.

Their saltwater crocodile, Smaug, became well-known and even starred in two horror films.

Britton would often update his social media with snaps of his crocodiles, property, his dogs and media clippings.

This was all while he managed to hide his sick animal abuse fantasies and crimes.

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What has Adam Robert Corden Britten been accused of?

Britton has pleaded guilty to dozens of charges of bestiality involving the torture, rape and killing of pet dogs. 

He began sexually abusing dogs in 2014 and tortured more than 42 dogs until his arrest in April 2022.

He sourced other canines off Gumtree from unsuspecting owners in the Darwin region.

Out of the 42, 39 dogs died, an Australian court reported on September 25, 2023.

Britton would film himself torturing the animals and then post the clips on online platforms using pseudonyms, where he also accessed child abuse material.

One clip was sent to the NT Animal Welfare Branch and passed on to NT police, which led to his arrest.

ABC News reported that police seized 44 items including computers, mobile phones, cameras, external hard drives, tools, weapons, dog paraphernalia and sex toys.

He was charged in 2022, but his name was suppressed by the courts to ensure media attention would not bias a jury against him.

The order was lifted after he pleaded guilty on September 26, 2023.

Britton will remain in custody until December 13, 2023, when he will be sentenced.



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Who is Adam Robert Corden Britton's wife?

Prior to his arrest in April 2022, Adam was married to biologist and wildlife ranger Erin for 15 years.

According to reports, there is no suggestion that Ms Britton knew anything about her husband's crimes and she appears to have dropped his surname.

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