Woman escapes death by 2 seconds after crossing tracks just before train appears

Shocking footage has captured a woman casually walking over train tracks with her dry cleaning – seconds before a train charges past.

CCTV footage captured the impatient pedestrian in a mini skirt reaching the train tracks by walking on the road after boom gates had come down to stop traffic.

She starts walking across the line at Woolongong, in New South Wales, Australia, before seemingly spotting the impending danger she is in.

The idiotic woman then runs to the other side just seconds before a freight train hurtles past.

A total of 10 people have been killed or seriously injured from crossing the line between July 2008 and May 2021.

Her stupid actions in April 2021 were shared in a montage video by the New South Wales government of people risking their lives to run across railway lines.

Another video showed an elderly man on the South Coast forcing a train to come to a stop as he slowly walked across.

Regional Transport and Roads Minister Paul Toole said pedestrians needed to realise trains could not stop in time.

“The reckless behaviour by both drivers and pedestrians in this footage is very concerning – they're not only risking their own lives, but spare a thought for the train driver, who very easily could have had his life changed forever,” he said.

“You might think you are saving yourself some time, but as you can see in some of the security camera footage, an oncoming train with no way of stopping could be just seconds a-way.”

Back in the UK, an “unthinkably stupid” woman was recently filmed lying down on a train track to pose for a photo.

Authorities in Wales have also sent out a warning after an “extremely dangerous” social media trend saw a toddler being seated on a train track for a photo.

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