Woman fumes UK town is ‘like the Walking Dead’ due to drug addicts on spice

A former NHS worker who said living on her street is "like living in an episode of the Walking Dead" has likened the area to a "warzone."

The unnamed woman, from Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, said the open drug taking and dealing has left her afraid to leave the house.

A community campaigner recently said the East Marsh area, where the woman lives, has been "forgotten about" by the council, along with its residents.

Les Bonner, 69, said problems with litter, potholes, speed bumps and an unusable children's park have been left to get worse.

In 2017, it was reported that the problem with spice in Grimsby is becoming so serious drivers were warned to watch out for "zombie" users walking out in front of traffic or lying in the roads.

Now, the aforementioned woman has told Grimsby Live that the drug problem is getting out of control.

"At the minute, we rent a property on Wellington Street, in the East Marsh area, which is horrendous. It's like living in an episode of the Walking Dead. I don't want to leave the house anymore, I'd go so far as to say I'm frightened," she said.

"The level of drug taking is plain to see on your own front door. It's been really bad this past 18 months. It is really bad. All I ever see is people doing drugs – left, right and centre.

"It's in the open as well and it's like no one cares anymore. People are even dealing outside windows. I'm horrified by this. Neighbours make my life miserable."

The concerned resident has said she's losing sleep over the issues, and is scared that she might be targeted.

"I rarely sleep at the moment as I'm scared about what's going on outside on the streets. I'm scared that something might come through my window or I'll be the next target for whatever reason," she said.

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"I haven't been out of the home for three weeks because I'm so scared. I have my shopping delivered because I'm too scared to go out. I have telephone appointments with the doctors because of the same reasons."

The resident added that she wants to escape the "warzone" that is Wellington Street. In August this year there were 292 crimes within half a mile of the street, according to Streetcheck.

"We just want to have a home and be in our own little world, instead of being forced to be part of someone else's in this 'war zone'.

"We just want to feel comfortable. We want to be able to lock our doors at night in the peace and comfort of somewhere we could call home. We're desperate to live a normal life.

In June, police removed an arsenal of weapons including firearms, an axe and a sword from a property on the street.

A neighbour of the house where armed officers removed items said: “We get the police round here all the time. It’s crazy. I don’t know what is wrong with people."

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