Woman swallows false teeth that chomped her spine: lawsuit

An elderly woman swallowed two of her false teeth — and they ended up biting her in the spine, a new Queens lawsuit says.

Eighty-three-year-old Chong Nan Woo accidentally ingested the pair of bottom front incisors in September 2017, and when her throat started hurting, she went to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, her suit says.

It then took doctors an astonishing 10 days to detect the missing chompers, even though they had cut through her esophagus and literally bit their way into her spine, court documents say.

“It’s not the scan that missed the teeth, it’s the person analyzing the scan,” said Woo’s lawyer, Christine Coscia, referring to the radiologist who failed to notice the teeth in her client’s CAT scan.

After the teeth were discovered, doctors had to surgically remove them, the suit says.

Yet by then, Woo was suffering from a spinal infection that kept her in the hospital for more than three months, till January 2018.

Woo is seeking unspecified damages.

Her current health condition was not clear.

Long Island Jewish Medical Center declined comment to The Post on Tuesday.

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