Women face having ‘fingers cut off for using nail varnish’ by Taliban

Distressing reports emerging from Afghanistan state that women face having their fingers cut off for wearing nail varnish, as a group of youngsters were also flogged for wearing jeans.

The Taliban has continued to tighten its grip on the country after taking the capital, Kabul, last week.

Now, reports suggest that they are engaging in a brutal crack down on the people, despite the organisation repeatedly echoing a message that they will be peaceful.

In a widely-shared Facebook post, reported on by The Telegraph, one Afghan teen claimed that they and a group of friends were beaten in the street for wearing t-shirts and jeans.

The youth said they were “walking with friends in Kabul,” when they encountered a group of Taliban soldiers who accused them of disrespecting Islam.

The youth added that two of the friends escaped but the others were "beaten, whipped on their necks and threatened at gunpoint".

This follows reports that a journalist was beaten for not wearing “Afghan clothes,” such as full-body gowns.

It was a reporter from the Afghan newspaper Etilaatroz, who themselves reported on the incident.

The Taliban told the publication they were still deciding upon the dress code for men.

The Sun reported that women were warned if they painted their nails they would have their fingers chopped off in Kandahar, a city in the south of the country.

This is despite the Taliban's reassurances that they "are committed to the rights of women".

This was claimed in a press conference by the group last week, but crucially, the spokesman added that these rights would be observed "under the system of Sharia."

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Whilst Sharia simply refers to laws derived from Islam, the Taliban terrorised Afghanistan in the 90s with their understanding of the system.

When they last had power of Afghanistan in 2001, the Taliban had made daily life difficult for women and girls, but the country had managed to undo many of the sexist laws and expectations in recent years.

It looks as if those improvements may be reversed as reports have said that women are now being sent home from their jobs.

During the last Taliban rule, women suffered public humiliation and beating.

The Taliban carried out public executions and stoned women for committing adultery or wearing tight clothes.

In one case, a young girl had her nose and ears cut off and was left for dead after she decided to run away from an arranged marriage.

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