World’s hottest scientist gives fan funny reply when asked ‘if they’re natural’

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    A woman dubbed the “world's hottest scientist” has hilariously hit back at a fan who asked if a certain something was “natural”.

    Stunning Rosie Moore has earned herself a huge following on Instagram for her fascinating posts with animals including snakes and sharks.

    The 26-year-old geoscientist's mix of adventures and modelling pictures – and sometimes both in the same post – have seen her amass around 74,200 followers on Instagram.

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    And with such a large following comes sponsorship.

    In her latest post, Rosie can be seen kayaking down a river wearing nothing by a skimpy bikini top and denim shorts.

    She also shows off her small shark tattoo on her left side.

    And for reasons only known to her, she puts on a snorkel mask and finds a manatee-like creature in the river below.

    The clip was filmed in the Florida Springs – a place not really known for manatees being found in shallow waters, but that's besides the point.

    The video was made to advertise her “favourite tequila” called Patsch – although what the video has to do with the drink is beyond us.

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    It didn't take long for one fan to comment on her appearance.

    They wrote: “Are they natural?”

    But rather than getting annoyed by the comment, Rosie responded in manner befitting on the world's hottest scientist.

    She wrote: “Yes, the tequila is natural”.

    The reply has so far received 10 likes.

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    A fellow glamorous scientist and animal expert, presumed to be a pal of Rosie's wrote: “I could watch you all day.”

    In response she joked: “Setting up a camera in my house for you right now.”

    Another thirsty bloke said: “Give the access to me also.”

    Not one comment was made on the actual product she was attempting to promote . . . which may or may not leave a slightly bitter taste in the mouths of Patsch bosses.

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