How to make your eyelash extensions last longer

So you’ve finally treated yourself to a pair of professionally-applied eyelash extensions à la Kylie Jenner, and, let’s be honest, you look great. But like any first-time eyelash extensions devotee, the first thing you’re likely to think about once they’ve been applied is how to make your eyelash extensions last longer. Lucky for you, lash technician Hanna Putjato, founder of London Lash Professional, recently answered this question (and many more) for Prima magazine. Hanna puts it all down to how you care for them. Not only will caring for your eyelash extensions correctly help you avoid irritation and infections like conjunctivitis, but it will also keep your fake lashes looking full, healthy, and natural.

Caring for your eyelash extensions will make them last longer.

Caring for your eyelash extensions begins before you even have them applied. Hanna believes it’s important to do plenty of research on lash techs way before you head out the door so that you can be sure of high quality — and safe — treatment. As soon as you’ve had the treatment, Hanna recommends investing in a gentle, oil-free foam cleanser, as this is what will keep your lashes clean. Don’t be afraid to wet your eyelash extensions, and make sure you wash them at least once a day.

“After your lashes are washed and dried, give them a gentle brush with a clean mascara-style wand — these are supplied by your lash tech at the end of treatment and will keep your lashes looking super fluffy,” Hanna explained to Prima. If you missed out on a wand, you should be able to pick one up at your local drugstore.

According to Hanna, those with healthy extensions can wait up to three weeks before having an infill. If cared for correctly, there shouldn’t be any reason they won’t last this long.

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Cheryl Blossom Is the Ultimate Fall Nail Inspiration, and Here's the Proof

Madelaine Petsch gave fans a glimpse of what’s to come in the upcoming season of Riverdale through a recent Instagram post, and we learned two things. First, Jason Blossom will be making a haunting return. Second, Cheryl Blossom (Petsch’s character on the show) will also be making a comeback with her signature nail look, inspiring Fall manicures everywhere.

In the video, Petsch zoomed in on her red nail polish color. The fiery hue is one that manicurist Jin Soon Choi previously told POPSUGAR would be this Fall’s biggest trends.

“They are timeless colors that cross from classic to modern and feminine to bold, making them perfect for all Autumn occasions,” she said, referring to the shade, as well as its deeper iterations. Her forecast was spot-on, as celebrities including Rihanna, Charlize Theron, and the Kardashians have been gravitating toward the color since the start of the season.

Red nail polish — and the color red, in general — has been a key part of Petsch’s signature look on the show with intention. Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica Lodge on the CW original, told POPSUGAR in a recent interview that maintaining these looks is what gives Riverdale its comic book vibe. “It’s what keeps the characters iconic and consistent,” she said.

Check out Petsch’s red nail polish color, ahead.

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Loosen Up Your Tight Quads With 3 Moves

Your Personal PT, Rachel Tavel, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), so she knows how to get your body back on track when it’s out of line. In this weekly series, she gives you tips on how to feel better, get stronger, and train smarter.

You use your legs all day long. Whether you’re going up or down stairs, sitting down or getting up from a chair, walking or even trying to stand in place, your quads are active. Throw leg day or your favorite cycling, running, or HIIT workout into the mix, and those large muscles in your legs can feel sore, tired and tight.

The quadriceps are one of the largest muscle groups in the body. They form the muscle bulk at the front of your thighs and are responsible for helping to keep you on your feet. As their name suggests, the quads are made up of four muscles: the vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius and rectus femoris. Together, this group of muscles helps extend and stabilize the knee as well as flexing and stabilizing the hips. When they’re tight, it can throw your pelvis—and the rest of your body—out of whack.

The quadriceps attach to the front of your pelvis at a point called the anterior superior iliac crest (or ASIS). When tight, they can pull the pelvis down and forward, limiting the pelvis’ ability to rotate the opposite direction. This can lead to trouble, most notably lower back or knee pain.

While increased activity on your feet may lead to tight quads, so can inactivity. Sitting for hours reduces the amount of time you spend lengthening and shortening these muscles. With increased sitting, the quads become static and more resistant to lengthening or stretching.

Get those tight quads under control with these stretching and self-relief techniques. For best results, try incorporating a low inflammatory diet, massage, and heat. Most importantly, don’t forget to get up and move.

Your Move:

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Emmerdale’s Charley Webb finally reveals reason behind son Bowie’s hair transformation

Charley Webb has revealed the real reason behind her son Bowie's dramatic hair transformation – and it's not because of her critics. The Emmerdale actress was recently bombarded with negative comments about the three-year-old's long hair, with many of her Instagram followers telling her she should get it cut – but when she finally did, she had more comments to ask if her decision was because of the naysayers! Now Charley has taken to her Instagram Stories to clear up any suggestion that her parenting decisions are impacted by strangers on social media.

"I can't believe how many messages I've had asking if I've cut Bowie's hair because of negative comments on Instagram or online," the 31-year-old said. "No! The answer to that is no. If I was cutting my child's hair because people were being negative that would be very worrying." She then revealed the adorable real reason behind his new look, adding: "He had it cut because he saw a picture of short hair that was all different colours like red, yellow, blue, and he wanted it to look like that and he thought it would change colour. Obviously it didn't but he still has the hair, so it's fine." Now you know!

Charley was shocked to be asked about the reason behind her son's haircut

MORE: 7 genius parenting tips Charley Webb swears by

It was only last week like Charley admitted she would have preferred Bowie to keep growing his hair as she revealed her sadness at him having it chopped off. Taking to Instagram, the actress shared a GIF of little Bowie walking into the hairdressers, adding the caption: "So excited to get his hair cut. Mummy not so much."

View this post on Instagram

Hair cut=cute face visible. Bowie 3 years and 10 months.

A post shared by CharleyWebb (@miss_charleywebb) on

A post shared by CharleyWebb (@miss_charleywebb) on

Little Bowie had his long hair chopped off recently 

MORE: Emmerdale actress Charley Webb shares rare glimpse inside her home

Little Bowie is certainly no stranger to the hairdressers. In September, the doting mum-of-three took her son for a less dramatic trim, again sharing the adorable moment on Instagram. The Debbie Dingle actress shared a photo of the pair sitting in the salon chairs getting their hair washed, and wrote in the caption: "Like mother, like son."

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The Best Stretch Series to Do After Sitting on Your Butt All Day

Men’s Health/Eric Rosati

You might feel like you have to spend an unhealthy amount of time with your butt planted in a seat whenever you travel anywhere outside your home timezone—but airplanes aren’t the only places you’re sedentary for long periods of time. If you’re a desk jockey, you sit too much. There’s no getting around it. But there is good news: You can loosen up quick, after a long flight or a workday, if you’re willing to get a stretch.

Trainer Charlee Atkins, C.S.C.S. knows how important these routines can be for just about everyone, in every type of setting.

“People always think about how stiff and tight they are after a flight, but what most don’t consider is that nowadays we sit at our desks for as long as transcontinental flight, and sometimes longer,” she says. “The relationship with sitting and stretching is that when we spend most of our lives int the sitting position, our bodies start to adapt to that position. If you add in training to that mix, it’s a recipe for disaster—more specifically, injury.”

Atkins shared her favorite routine of post-flight exercises, which can be just as useful to do after a long day at the office. You don’t need anything but room to stretch out to do the series of six moves—but if you want a yoga mat to move around on, check out this option from our Backslash/Fit brand.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute before moving to the next

Take on the series for 1 to 3 rounds, depending on how you feel. Make sure to focus on slow, controlled movements; you shouldn’t rush through these exercises.

Want to learn more moves from Atkins? Check out our series full of her workout tips, Try Her Move.

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Scientific equation finds the 10 "most beautiful women" in the world: See the full list

It doesn’t require any math to understand that Bella Hadid is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but if a mathematical equation says she is, it must be true. 

The 23-year-old supermodel was just named “the most beautiful woman in the world,” according to a mathematical equation that calculates “the perfect face.” The equation “The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi”  was reportedly relied upon by artists during ancient Greece to create their work and has since been reworked and adopted by plastic surgeons today. Hadid’s face is more “perfect” than any other celebrity’s and has a 94.35 percent accuracy according to the formula. 

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Yes, You Can Get A Total-Body Workout In Just 15-Minutes

If you’re looking to challenge your entire body—I’m talking legs, butt, core, and arms—in minimal time, I’ve totally got you with a 15-minute full-body workout that’s perfect for beginners and experienced exercisers alike. This routine features compound movements that combine more than one exercise, so you’re really going to get a lot of bang for your fitness buck.

Jewelyn Butron

Time: 15 minutes

Equipment: Mat, resistance band

Good for: Total body

Instructions: Complete the reps as indicated, then immediately continue to the next exercise. Once you’ve finished all five moves, repeat the circuit over from the beginning. Do a total of three rounds. To build strength, I recommend doing this routine one or two times a week, and warming up with a few dynamic stretches. Once you’ve finished stretching, do the below three moves to really get your blood pumping. Repeat each three times, then start the workout.

  • Jumping jacks for 20 seconds: Begin standing with your legs hip-width apart and arms at your sides. Hop your feet out past shoulder-width while simultaneously bringing your arms overhead. Then return to start and repeat.
  • Butt kicks for 20 seconds: Alternate bringing the heel of one feet to the glute on the same side (to open up your hip flexors and quads).
  • Elbow presses for 20 seconds: Clasp your hands behind your head with elbows wide(to open the shoulders and chest), then squeeze your elbows together. Repeat for duration of time.

Squat To Overhead Press

How to: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand resting on top of your shoulders, palms facing each other. Sit your hips back and lower down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. As you rise back up, press the weights directly overhead until your arms are completely straight, biceps by ears. Bring the weights back to your shoulders as you lower into a squat. That’s one rep. Complete 15 reps, then continue to the next move.

Plank Row On Knees

How to: Place two dumbbells on the floor shoulder-width apart. Assume a kneeling-plank position, forming a straight line from your knees to your head. Grasp the dumbbells so your hands are elevated off the floor without creasing your wrists. Slowly, pull the left dumbbell to the side of your lower rib cage—your elbow should be pointed up and back. Keep your body stable as you lower the dumbbell back to the floor with control. Then repeat on the other side. That’s one rep. Complete 10 reps on each side, then continue to the next move.

Lateral Squat With Curl

How to: Start instraddle position with hips wider than your shoulders, feet flat, toes facing forward. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, arms bent, palms facing one another. While keeping the left leg straight, shift your weight over your right heel and sit your hips back until your right thigh is parallel to ground. As you lower down, extend your arms and bring the weights to frame your right knee. Drive through your right heel to push yourself back to stand, and curl the dumbbells toward your shoulders. That’s one rep. Complete 10 reps on each side, then continue to the next move.

Standing Low To High

How to: Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart holding a single dumbbell in your hands. With control, lower the weight down and to the outside of your left knee while slightly bending at your hips and internally rotating your right knee (heel raised) so it faces toward the left. In one fluid motion, reverse the movement and continue rotating your torso to the right, pivoting your left leg inward and lifting your left heel. That’s one rep. Complete 10 reps on each side, then continue to the next move.

Leg Drop With Dumbbell Above Chest

How to: Lie on your back with a dumbbell held in between your hands and extend your arms. (Think wrists over chest NOT your face.) Lift your legs up directly over your hips. Lower your left leg down as low as you can go without your lower back arching up off the mat. Return to start, and repeat on the other side. That’s one rep. Complete 10 reps, then repeat the circuit from the top.

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Does Highlighting Your Hair Damage It? Here’s One Colorist’s Honest Advice

For years, I swore I’d never color my virgin hair and risk damaging my tresses, but after one too many scrolls on Pinterest, I booked myself a balayage appointment, and I’ve had highlights ever since. If you’ve ever wondered, "Does highlighting your hair damage it?", you’re not the only one with this concern, and to answer questions on all things bleach, I turned to one of my fave hair colorists in the biz for her professional opinion. If you want the scoop, read on for everything you need to know about getting highlights and preventing as much damage as possible.

The Expert

I absolutely drool over the highlights Stephanie Brown, hair colorist at the IGK Salon in Soho, New York, has created for many of her clients, so I knew she’d be the ultimate stylist to talk to when it come to getting real about dye jobs and damage. With celeb glam squads achieving a celebrity-level status of their own via social media, the behind-the-scenes looks at professional hair and makeup they give their followers mean that more and more people are starting to warm up to the idea of taking risks with their appearance, and Brown says the majority of clients coming in for a haircut want some sort of color now, too. Not all highlights are created the same way, though, and not every head of hair is exactly the same, so as Brown explains, the potential for damage depends on how the dye job itself goes down.

The Down Low On Damage

So, plain and simple: Does highlighting hair damage it? The answer is Yes, but in varying degrees of intensity. "Coloring hair will always cause damage; unless it’s a gloss. However, the level of damage is determined by the amount of change being done to the hair," Brown explains. "If you’re doing a single process or subtle highlights, the damage will be minimal, and you may not even notice, but if you are going platinum or heavily highlighting your hair, you can feel a lot of damage being done," she says. Why? Bleach essentially removes pigment from the hair shaft, which in turn leaves the follicles super fragile, making strands look dull, dry, and prone to breakage.

How Your Stylist Can Prevent Damage

Spoiler alert, your stylist can’t lighten your strands without bleach — but he or she can ensure your dye job is a little more conditioning to balance the harsh chemical out. "I like to add in Uberliss into a lot of my formulas when highlighting," says Brown, referring to the brand’s professional-level bond sustainer. "Brands like Uberliss, Olaplex, and Joico all make bond-building treatments that help hair to not get too damaged," she adds, noting that while these brands offer professional-level treatments for stylists, they also make at-home products for clients to use on themselves. In addition to products, Brown also insists that proper technique can help prevent unwanted damage as well. " Always check the foils so they don’t over-process, and try not to overlap when applying bleach," she says. Her top advice to fellow colorists? "Be upfront with your clients and tell them if you know that their hair is going to be damaged," she says, "Some clients come in and want to go really pale and not have any damage, but that’s just not how hair color works, unfortunately." The real talk is very much appreciated, Stephanie!

How You Can Prevent Further Damage At Home

If strands do end up damaged, Brown says it’s important to care for them properly to avoid making things worse. "Don’t wash your hair everyday, cut down on heat styling, get a silk pillowcase, and buy a microfiber towel," she advises. "They help dry hair faster — and don’t pull hair when it’s wrapped in it," she insists. The Slip Silk Pillowcase ($85, and AQUIS Rapid Dry Hair Turban ($30, are her top recommendations.

Just as a professional treatments in-salon can help strands, using the Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 ($28, at home will help hair repair itself even further. Olaplex utilizes a patented bond-building technology with strengthens hair from the inside out, and letting this stuff sink in for about ten minutes before shampooing and conditioning can really work wonders in terms of how hair looks and feels.

Another great option, as favored by Brown, is the Uberliss Original Bond Sustainer ($20,, which utilizes nano-emulsion technology, as well as hydrating aloe vera and moisturizing coconut oil.

My post-shower fave for masking color-induced damage and preventing future hair struggles is the Color Wow Kale-Infused Dream Cocktail ($25,, and not just because kale is trendy. This heat-activated formula utilizes sea kale, amino acids, and B vitamins, so hair won’t just look better after applying — it’ll actually be on the road to recovery. Since blow-drying isn’t always the friendliest approach to damaged strands, using a strengthening treatment while you dry makes a would-be bad approach ultimately helpful in healing your breakage.

Unite Hair makes some of my all-time favorite products for color-treated hair, and their Unite Hair RE:UNITE Treatment ($36, is a new launch dedicated to repairing damaged tresses. In addition to the RE:UNITE shampoo and conditioner, which are also great picks for chemically damaged hair, the Treatment mask offers a concentrated formula of protein-based nutrients and antioxidants that helps smooth the hair’s cuticle so it looks shiny and healthy.

Another new-to-me fave for damaged hair is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment ($28,, a cult-favorite that, as the name implies, seeks to restore elasticity to fried, damaged strands. In addition to castor oil, olive oil, and glycerin, the formula contains hydrolyzed elastin, a protein that will help increase hair’s elasticity from the inside out and prevent future breakage.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Get Highlights Again?

Say you loved the look of your highlights despite the damage? Chances are you’ll want to go back again, and Brown knows this. Still, she insists waiting it out as long as possible will do your strands some good. "If it’s a highlight to the root, because this is usually a little more maintenance, I would say an appointment every eight to 12 weeks is a good time frame," she says, "For an ombré or other grown-out look, three to six to twelve months in between appointments, depending on what looks good." As for who you go to for said appointments, Brown warns clients should be familiar with their colorist’s work prior to letting them pile on the bleach. "Look at people’s Instagrams to see if you like the work they are doing. This is important because you want to leave with the hair you want; just because someone famous goes to this person, or they have a big following, doesn’t mean you’ll like their work," she says, adding, "This will narrow down the chance of you not liking it hand having to have it fixed." So true! Better safe than sorry — and better to leave the salon with a healthy, highlighted head of hair than with damaged strands and drama.

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Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream Is Under $55 For The Next Week

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty is over. There’s no Sephora VIB sale on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snag some of your favorite brands on sale. Tatcha’s Friends & Family Sale is offering 20% off sitewide, and the event is the perfect way to purchase this high-end brand for less.

Whether you’re a makeup or skin care lover, you’ve likely heard of Tatcha. Not only is the brand known for its luxurious Japanese-inspired skin care items, but beauty gurus have also made it a must-have in the makeup space (even if all of the brand’s products are rooted in skin). From the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist to the smash hit Silk Canvas primer, Tatcha has captured the attention of both cosmetic and skin care fans alike. Now, both can grab some of the company’s most well-known items for less.

Beginning Oct. 13 and extending until Oct. 20, Tatcha’s Friends & Family Sale is offering 20% off the entire site. No, there are no restrictions, and shopping is easy. Simply add the items you want from the brand to your cart and use code FRIENDS2019 at checkout. Plus, when you shop, Tatcha will donate a day of school to girls in 11 countries in Southeast Asia and Africa through The Room To Read Girls’ Education Program.

With a rare discount on its products, Tatcha’s Friends & Family Sale is the perfect time to stock up on your favorites or try something new. Here are a few things you may want to add to your cart.

1. The Water Cream

The Water Cream is one of Tatcha’s most loved moisturizers. Not only is it a best seller on the brand’s website, but the cream has been named the top seller at Sephora in the past as well. Thanks to the sale, it’s less than $55.

2. Camellia Cleansing Oil

Thinking about trying a double cleanse? Tatcha’s cleansing oil is a great first step. Not only does the oil cleanser remove all traces of makeup and impurities, but it’s gentle, hydrating, and good for all skin types.

3. Luminous Dewy Skin Cream

One of Tatcha’s cult-classic products is its Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, and the brand seems to love giving customers what they want because they turned the mist into a moisturizer. Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream is an ultra-hydrating, thick (but not greasy) cream that’s perfect for dry skin that’s dealing with dullness.

4. Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

If there’s a Tatcha sale happening, you need to pick up arguably one of the brand’s most iconic products, the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. From YouTube gurus like Jackie Aina and Jaclyn Hill to stars like Kim Kardashian West, this mist as some serious star power behind it. During the sale, it’s under $40.

5. The Silk Canvas

Tatcha’s Silk Canvas Primer may have been one of the biggest beauty launches of 2018. Not only was it named Sephora’s best-selling primer, but Kim Kardashian West also uses the product for award shows. You know if it’s good enough for the Emmy red carpet, it’s good enough to be purchased during the friends and family sale.

Grab your credit card and start making those purchases!

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Rihanna's Black-and-Gold Drip Manicure Is the Most Luxe Nail Art We've Seen

Rihanna attended the NYC Porcelain Ball this weekend with a beauty look so hot, parts of it seemed like they were melting. The singer’s nails were painted black and featured gold polish dripping down a few accent nails. Her go-to manicurist Maria Salandra posted an image of matte black candles with gold wax dripping down the side, which can be assumed to be the inspiration for this creative drip manicure.

While we’ve seen this nail art before, we can’t get over how luxe it looks in this black-and-gold color palette. Ahead, check out Rihanna’s nails and the rest of her steamy beauty look.

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