'Blue Bloods': Why Do Fans Hate Erin Reagan the Most?

Blue Bloods has run on CBS for 10 seasons, becoming a staple of many people’s Friday evenings. Viewers love the Reagan clan, particularly patriarch Frank, played by longtime TV favorite Tom Selleck. 

If there’s a Reagan family member viewers dislike, or like the very least, it’s Erin Reagan: Frank’s daughter played by Bridget Moynahan. She’s been a regular on the show its entire run, but her character tends to rub some Reddit users the wrong way. 

‘Blue Bloods’ viewers explain their disdain for Erin Regan

On a Blue Bloods forum on Reddit, someone polled fans and asked for their favorite and least favorite characters. Erin came up several times as a least favorite. 

“She is an excruciatingly rigid ice princess who seems determined to make everyone around her as miserable as she is,” one said. 

“What I hate about Erin is she is 100% my way or the highway, she hates second chances unless they’re her idea and she too comes across as a know-it-all, especially when it comes to police work which she has proven to know next to nothing about over and over again,” said another. 

A third person chimed in with: “She makes me so angry and literally always acts like she knows everything in the world and she doesn’t.”

One person said this is more the writers’ fault than Moynahan’s, and several other people picked Danny as their least favorite, but perhaps the harshest comment was this: “Erin needs to get laid more often, to melt the ice.”

Who is Erin Regan on ‘Blue Bloods’?

Erin is Frank’s only daughter, who is an assistant district attorney in a family of police. She initially wanted to join the force but decided police work wasn’t for her, so she decided to enforce the law in a different way by becoming a prosecutor. 

Erin has not had an easy time. She’s a single mom, divorced from her husband who she met when she was 19. She’s had a number of dicey romantic entanglements, including meeting a fellow attorney on a speed date who later became her boss, and she broke off the relationship because she didn’t feel right sleeping with her boss. She even hooked back up with her ex-husband briefly after she was shot in a courtroom hostage situation, but didn’t want to have her heart broken again.

Despite these troubles, or perhaps because these troubles have made her resilient, she’s had some opportunities to move up in the world, including becoming a deputy mayor or a judge. However, she has remained with the DA’s office. 

How does Bridget Moynahan feel about Erin?

Moynahan departed from her character when she got married in 2015. Before that she had been a single mom, raising the son she had with NFL quarterback Tom Brady shortly after they split. Erin has evolved right along with her 

In a CBS interview, Moynahan said: “I’m sure Erin is evolving, but I’m not sure whether it’s because her character has grown or the writers have given her situations and people she hasn’t dealt with before. This season she’s had to deal with the governor and with her father the police commissioner directly, with no buffer. And this season it was really emotional because when we came back, Danny had lost his wife in a helicopter crash. It was really emotional for me trying not to be emotional.”

Moynahan even considered studying law at one point. “Somewhere around the fourth or fifth season of Blue Bloods, I thought I might try to go to law school,” she says. “Then I saw the LSAT study guide.”

She held her hands apart to indicate that it was about three inches thick. Better to stick to screenplays. 

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'RHOC': Who Is Kelly Dodd Dating After Breaking up With Dr. Brian Reagan?

Kelly Dodd is stirring up drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she is also causing a ruckus around her love life. The controversial housewife is on vacation and took some time off to update fans that she has split up from her boyfriend Dr. Brian Reagan following his introduction on the Bravo reality show. Although that relationship is now over, Dodd has already found herself a new man.

Kelly Dodd Announces Split

It was through Instagram Stories where Kelly Dodd confirmed the news that she has split up from her cosmetic surgeon boyfriend, just days after RHOC viewers met him during the second episode of the show.

“The universe is telling me I broke up with Dr. Brian, woo! And they all know why” the Bravolebrity said. “This is why I’m breaking up with Brian for good. This is the last time. No going back to this a–hole. At all.”

Dodd was not going to have that breakup ruin her vacation and she celebrate her newly single status by singing “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen. “Here’s our song. I broke up with Dr. Brian. Another one bites the dust!” she said.

Kelly Dodd Causes Drama

Later on, Dodd made her break up even more official by dedicated a few caring words to her ex-boyfriend.

“Dr. Brian Reagan posted what we broke up. I’m deeply saddened and I only wish him the best. Good luck, you are a talented surgeon. I loved you deeply. See Rick Leventhal, we broke up”, she said.

Fans started reacting to the news replying to the post and fully supporting Dodd.

“He’s thirsty AF. Hashtags #realhousewives on break up post? Seriously? #kbye,” a fan wrote. “Goes to show you,” Kelly replied.

“He wasn’t a good looking dude anyway,” another fan commented. Kelly then said: “Nope, but funny and sweet.” Then in a second response, she even tagged Dr. Brian saying, “I know everyone thinks [Reagan] is ugly. Got the memo.”

“I thought giving you a gift over his desk was very cold and odd. Makes sense now,” another fan said recalling the second episode of the current season. “Never gave me a gift after that,” Dodd added.

“My lord was he thirsty for fame or what? Who tags RHOC on a breakup post. Private matters should be private such as breakups,” another viewer commented. “He tagged RHOC? What a loser, pathetic.. goes to show you he was with me for fame. So sad,” Kelly replied.

Who Is Kelly Dodd Dating Now?

In one of the replies, Kelly Dodd told a fan she already has a new man.

“Sad. I hope [you] both are ok. I [wan’t you] to find a loving, kind, rich and down to [Earth] man,” the viewer wrote to which Dodd replied, “I got one,” and tagged Rick Leventhal.

View this post on Instagram

Oh hey August #firstselfieofthemonth

A post shared by Rick Leventhal (@rickleventhal) on

Rick Leventhal is a Fox News reporter that Kelly met earlier this year, and although he has not commented about the relationship, the Bravo star has given insight into how things are heating up.

“We met in the Hamptons,” Kelly told People. “It’s new, we haven’t even had sex. But he’s already treated me with more respect than Brian ever did.”

In the same interview, she expressed how the surgeon had used her to gain notoriety.

“He wanted his business on the show. I was just a means to get there. And I only realized that after I caught him cheating on me and realized he’s been seeing someone else all along,” Kelly said.

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Marnie Simpson shows off baby bump as she films scenes for Geordie Shore OGs with boyfriend Casey Johnson

PREGNANT Marnie Simpson cradled her blossoming baby bump as she filmed reality show Geordie OGs with her boyfriend Casey Johnson.

The 27-year-old, who is expecting a boy, was glowing as she slipped into a black mini dress with white floral print while shooting the new series.

The MTV star carried a black Louis Vuitton tote and donned a pair of black flip flops as she was spotted crossing the road alongside her beau, 24.

Later, Marnie was pictured with her mother Sharra Kyle, who complemented her in a knitted black midi dress.

Her appearance comes days after viewers watched as she sobbed during her first baby scan on Geordie OGs.

The mum-to-be allowed the cameras into the doctor's room as she saw her unborn child for the first time during the debut episode of the new MTV series.

Marnie, who expressed how nervous she was before the scan, took her mum and boyfriend Casey with her.

However, it seemed all her worries were washed away when the sonographer showed her the baby on-screen.

Looking to her loved ones for comfort, she explained: "It feels really emotional. I can actually see it. Oh my god, I can't believe that's my baby in there."

She continued to describe her emotions in the voice-over, saying: "Looking at the scan I just feel so overwhelmed. It actually took my breath away.

"I can't believe that I'm going to be responsible for this little baby, it's just crazy. I can't believe that I'm going to be a mother."

Dad-to-be Casey also got emotional as he witnessed the special moment.

He said: "Seeing the baby for the first time I am just speechless. I cannot believe that I am looking at my child inside Marnie, it's just the weirdest thing ever."

And Marnie's mum explained: "I think I've waited for this moment for so long, to be a grandmother, and then seeing the scan – it's so exciting!"

The sonographer continued to reassure the expectant parents their baby was healthy, as she could see plenty of movement and a good heartbeat.

Casey said: "You're always thinking in the back of your head, 'is this going to be ok'- but to hear the doctor say that everything is fine has made my day."

As the appointment finished, Marnie revealed: "This has been one of the most amazing moments of my life, to see my child and know that it's healthy.

"I just can't believe how far I've come since Geordie Shore – it feels like a lifetime ago."

Marnie is currently seven months pregnant with her first child with boyfriend of two years, Casey, 24.

They announced the news in April this year, as the Geordie star shared a photo of the couple kissing beside the Eiffel Tower.

One month later, in May, they threw a lavish baby shower and announced they were expecting a boy.

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Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen Nazir to die as Geoff Metcalfe’s motives turn deadly?

Yasmeen (played by Shelley King) has been unaware her partner Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) is controlling certain aspects of her life on Coronation Street, as well as being the sinister mastermind behind a recent robbery in the Nazir household.

The coercive control plot has been playing out for some months as Geoff has been subtly making Yasmeen more and more reliant on him.

Last night’s double-bill of the ITV soap saw Yasmeen left reeling as Geoff became emotionally aggressive towards her, stating she had been belittling him and saw him as a joke.

Although the pair are set to split in next week’s episodes, Yasmeen star Shelley, 63, has said the storyline is to play out on the cobbles over the next year, but could the plot conclude in a deadly twist?

What you will see will become brutal

Shelley King

Weatherfield isn’t the best place to live if you want a relaxing life and has been the centre of some rather untimely deaths in the past.

Long time viewers will remember Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) killed her ex Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) after she discovered he was being abusive towards Shelley Unwin (Sally Lindsay).

Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) also got her revenge on Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre) for manipulating her into having sex with him to get her family out of financial ruin.

During Pat’s finally reign of terror last year, Anna stabbed her abuser, brining the villain’s time on the cobbles to a deadly end.

Although it seems the villain has been killed in the past, could things take an alternate turn as Geoff control over Yasmeen unravels?

Next week, Geoff will spin Yasmeen a tale he is suffering from severe health problems as a result of their constant arguing leading the Speed Daal chef to feel overwhelmingly guilty.

However, if she discovers his lies further down the track and confronts Geoff about what he’s been doing to her, could Yasmeen’s time on the cobbles come to a deadly end?

The likes of fan favourites Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) and Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) have been killed off by villains of Weatherfield, so could Yasmeen meet the same fate?

Speaking on This Morning last month, soap star Shelley said: “What you will see will become brutal, not physically brutal but emotionally brutal – which is worse in a way.

“And it’s a long term [storyline] and that’s the good thing about it.

“It’ll go on for about a year in little bits,” Shelley continued.

Viewers will have to wait and see how Yasmeen’s ordeal plays out, but elsewhere in Weatherfield, Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) is about to have her world turned upside down.

Emma learnt earlier this week the man who raised her wasn’t her biological father, with some past throwbacks and a little digging leading Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) to believe he is the Rovers barmaid’s father.

Next week’s scenes will see Steve seek to get answers about Emma’s real paternity, but actress Alexandra, 26, has spoke out about the prospect of her character being a McDonald.

“I just can’t believe it. The McDonalds are classic Corrie, aren’t they?” the actress told the Loose Women panel.

“So for me to get a taste of that… well it’s amazing!”

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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'The Bachelorette': Tyler C. is 'Apartment Hunting' In New York City After Several Gigi Hadid Dates

Bachelorette fan-favorite Tyler Cameron has been making headlines in recent weeks for his post-reality show dating life. As Bachelor Nation remembers fondly, Hannah Brown asked Cameron out for a drink as a “single girl” at the end of “After The Final Rose” for all of America to witness. He said he’d love to, of course, which caused Bachelorette fans to become hopeful that Brown would find a happy ending after all with her runner-up. 

Shortly after Brown’s proposition, Cameron was spotted leaving her place in Los Angeles with an overnight bag (looks like they opted to stay in instead of going out for those drinks). 

“Tyler got to Hannah’s place around 9 p.m. and they stayed in,” a source told E! News. “He spent the night with her and left this morning after 10 a.m. She walked him out to his car and they hugged and kissed. He had an overnight bag and they looked very happy together.” 

A couple days after that, Cameron was spotted out in New York City with supermodel Gigi Hadid. According to Us Weekly, the two were seen at Soho House together in Brooklyn.

Since then, the two have been seen together on a couple of different occasions, including bowling with friends.  

“Gigi and Tyler went on another date Monday night,” a source close to Hadid told ET. “The two went bowling and Gigi and Tyler were very flirty and kept laughing.”

Tyler Cameron is apartment-hunting in New York City

Amid spending more time with Hadid, Cameron took to his Instagram stories to announce that he’s “apartment hunting” in New York City. 

A source told People that Cameron already currently lives in the city. 

“Tyler lives in NYC now. He has his own place, but for their dates, they hang out at Gigi’s,” said the source. “He is very public about going in and out of her place — you can tell that he wants to be seen. He is enjoying the attention he gets for dating Gigi.”

The status of Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid’s relationship 

Though Cameron and Hadid have been spending a good amount of time together, a source told ET that their relationship is not exclusive. Both Cameron and Hadid recently got out of other relationships (Cameron with Brown and Hadid with Zayn Malik), so they’re taking their time.

“Although Gigi and Tyler are spending more and more time together, they are still casually dating,” said the source. 

“Gigi went through a breakup from a serious relationship and Tyler just got off a dating show,” the source added. “The two are enjoying building a friendship first, going on dates and having fun. Nothing more than that right now.”

Read more: Why Is Hannah Brown Making An Appearance On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’?

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Heartbroken Lacey Turner reveals her dog has died as she shares sweet tribute to his special relationship with baby daughter Dusty – The Sun

EASTENDERS' Lacey Turner is heartbroken today as she revealed her beloved chocolate labrador Dexter has died.

Taking to Instagram, the new mum shared a series of adorable photos of her dog with her newborn daughter Dusty and promised to tell her all about him.

"My handsome boy!! I cannot believe I'm writing this, I am heartbroken but so grateful that I got the pleasure of loving you for 11 whole years, you really were the bestest friend a girl could've asked for!" she wrote.

"The most loyal and kindest dog I ever knew, a gentle giant, a true gentleman, the best fur brother even if only for a short time.

"I will tell her how much you loved to lay next to her.

"My gorgeous boy I miss you so much already, your cuddles were like no other, if I could hold you forever I would! My little family won't be the same without you."

She added: "Thank you for loving me for all those years! I love you always! Sleep tight handsome boy."

The heartbreak is made even harder because her dog Reggie died just months ago in April.

Earlier this week, Lacey shared sweet behind-the-scenes photos from her newborn daughter Dusty's first photoshoot.

The 31-year-old actress welcomed her first child last month with husband Matt Kay.

Taking to her Instagram page , Lacey – who plays Stacey Fowler in the BBC One soap – shared a collection of new snaps with her fans.

The professional shots include one of Dusty cradled in a mass of purple fluff and surrounded by stunning orange, purple, and yellow flowers.

The baby is wearing just a purple headband and looks peacefully asleep in the image.

A second is a close-up of Dusty's face, with the newborn wearing a knitted bonnet with teddy bear ears as she sleeps.

🌸Dusty Violet 🌸 @suzigardnerphotography thank you for these beautiful photos 💜

A post shared bylaceyturner (@laceyturner) on

Another close-up shows the tot resting on her hands, swaddled in a purple knitted blanket and wearing a huge purple flower headband.

Lacey also included some photos that she took during the photoshoot, including a sneak peek at how the first and second pro-shot came to be.

In the one with the teddy bear ears, Dusty has been placed in a small wooden crate full of comfortable blankets to ensure the perfect portrait.

She proudly captioned the post: "Dusty Violet @suzigardnerphotography thank you for these beautiful photos."

Needless to say, the images melted Lacey's followers' hearts – with her EastEnders' co-stars commenting their admiration.

Tilly Keeper, who plays Louise Mitchell, simply shared heart emojis, with Lorraine Stanley  (Karen Taylor) doing the same.

Louisa Lytton, who plays Ruby Allen, added: "I couldn't love her more!!"

Lacey gave birth to Dusty on 12 July, having previously suffered two tragic miscarriages.

She married Matt in Ibiza in 2017 after they met as teenagers.

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Cheryl's waxwork has been removed from Madame Tussauds as bosses fear she is no longer relevant

LONDON'S Madame Tussauds have removed their waxwork of Cheryl – fearing that she is no longer relevant.

The 36-year-old beauty may be the star of Simon Cowell's hit BBC series The Greatest Dancer, but bosses at the London attraction worry that visitors have no interest in seeing the figurine.

Madame Tussauds have removed Cheryl's waxworkSpeaking to The Sun's Bizarre column, a rep for Madame Tussauds explained: "Our Cheryl figure is currently being stored in the London archives.

"This isn’t uncommon for our figures, as from time to time we do change who we have in the attraction.

"We are constantly reviewing our collection of figures to best represent what our visitors want to see."

The former X Factor judge's old co-stars remain pride of place at the attraction, including Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, and Sharon Osbourne.

Cheryl's waxwork was first unveiled back in 2010, and has undergone several makeovers to keep up with the star's appearance over the years.

The original model had the beauty wearing a tiara and a glittering red gown with cut-out detailing.

In 2014, sculptors added replicas of the rings given to the singer by ex-husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, and updated her style.

The figure was changed into a glittery gold top and chic black trousers – with her hair being switched from its loose waves to a trendy updo.

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'Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles' Review: A Sensitive, Lyrical, Animated Love Letter to Surrealism

“How do you change the world?” It’s a question posed to famous surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel by a group of intellectuals debating the merits of art or political action to combat the rising forces of fascism in Europe in the opening scene of Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles. Buñuel, inexplicably wearing a nun habit and a smug smile, doesn’t answer. But he doesn’t need to — his art is what speaks for him. In his lyrical animated film, director Salvador Simó also lets the art speak for itself, painting an earthy, dreamlike portrait of the surrealist filmmaker as he overcomes financial and personal challenges to shoot his 1933 documentary Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan.

For a filmmaker as inscrutable as Luis Buñuel, the animated medium is the only one that can do him justice. The beauty of animation is in its limitless potential; more than simply a genre catered towards kids, as the medium is treated in the U.S., animation can make the imagination manifest — shocking images of looming, impossibly long-limbed elephants can appear minutes after Buñuel and his filmmaking team stroll through the dusty labyrinthine streets of La Alberca, a town in a region of Spain so impoverished that it feels lost in time. But in contrast to the provocative, almost cold images typical of surrealism, Simó injects a newfound sensitivity in Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles, one that takes its titular ego-driven, narcissistic filmmaker to task.

Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles begins on the eve of the release of Buñuel’s L’Age d’Or, a scandalous satirical comedy film that skewered the Catholic Church and got the filmmaker banned from directing in France. Abandoned by his usual benefactors and spurned by his frequent collaborator and creative rival Salvador Dali, Buñuel loses hope at financing his next project: a documentary on the Las Hurdes region of Spain, one of the most impoverished areas of the country. On a drinking bender, he bemoans his current situation to his working-class anarchist friend Ramón Acín, who jokingly promises that if he wins the lottery, he will finance his next film. In a twist stranger than fiction (but fitting to the surrealist threads that are woven throughout this film), Ramón actually wins a hundred thousand pesetas, and gives Buñuel a portion to make his film.

Buñuel, Ramón, writer Pierre Unik, and Buñuel’s cinematographer Eli Lotar embark on a strange, isolating journey through Las Hurdes, where it slowly becomes clear that the intense poverty in which its residents live isn’t the most disturbing thing they will encounter. Rather, it’s Buñuel and his relentless ambition to create his next masterpiece, as he manipulates the subjects of his documentary and orchestrates dramatic scenes that will play to bigger shocks in the theater.

Simó deftly communicates this discomfort with recurring cuts to shots from Las Hurdes: Tierra Sin Pan, with the grain from the 1933 film sometimes lingering in the following animated shots as if to further blur the lines between the mediums. It’s in this messy division between reality and dreams, between animation and live-action, that Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles truly feels like something special. The film doesn’t lay down a definitive opinion of Buñuel — is he a genius or a hack? A world-changing storyteller or an exploiter? — but instead gives us deep dives into his psyche via increasingly bizarre dreams.

Throughout the film, Buñuel struggles with recurring nightmares of his childhood, each more brightly colored and unnerving than the last, which follow his estranged relationship with his father and his pursuit of his passion of filmmaking. In these flashbacks, Simó employs as much impenetrable imagery as that of the surrealists, with a recurring visual beat of a flock of gorgeous yellow butterflies symbolizing…something. Through these dreamlike interludes, Simó and co-writer Eligio R. Montero, adapting a graphic novel by Fermín Solís, seem to suggest an artist in turmoil. And indeed, Las Hurdes was a turning point in Buñuel’s career as he pivoted from provocative surrealism of his early films to works that harnessed social realism.

But despite the surrealist flourishes and moments of stunning imagery, the animation itself is, funnily enough, the least inspired part of this film. The flat designs of the humans, all hard lines and broad expressions, clash with the warm reds, pinks, and magentas that bathe the backgrounds, while random bits of rotoscoped architecture serve to make the overall effect more disconcerting. The animation itself jitters strangely at parts, while gracefully flowing in others. But there is a purpose in this flatness — it recalls the bluesy isolation of Edward Hopper’s famous Nighthawks painting; that feeling of urban ennui and loneliness that even bright, gaudy colors can’t offset. The characters of Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles are devoid of the larger-than-life flourishes and stylings typical of an animated film — this is especially apparent in Jorge Usón’s brusque, gravelly vocal performance as Buñuel — and they ground the film in the face of the surreal imagery that threatens to sweep them away.

Less a treatise on Buñuel’s career, Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles works more as a character drama as the filmmaker finds himself humbled by the extreme poverty and death that he witnesses while filming Las Hurdes. Buñuel, who frequently bristles at comparisons to Dali and impudently argues for his art, comes to La Alberca to make a statement by mocking other ethnographic filmmakers for fetishizing the hardships of people in faraway countries while people starve in their own country. But this creates a rift between Buñuel and the empathetic Ramón, whose own idealistic principles ironically makes him as eager to exploit the impoverished as those filmmakers Buñuel mocks. Their clashes, and the tolls that it takes on the production, are the closest Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles gets to being a love letter to the craft of filmmaking itself.

/Film Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles is currently showing in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles.

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Jason Momoa Opens Up About His Battle to Save a Hawaiian Mountain: It's 'Like Our Birth Place'

Jason Momoa is doing his best to explain why Hawaiians are protesting plans to build a telescope on a sacred mountain.

The Aquaman star, who is a native of the islands, recently talked to CNN about the protests that have been going on since 2015. Protestors have all the access roads to Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano, blocked in order to prevent the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). The telescope would require builders to drill into the sacred mountain.

“It’s kind of the umbilical cord to earth,” Momoa, 40, told CNN of Mauna Kea. “You know, if you think about the Hawaiian islands, that’s the biggest mountain in the world, right? All the way up. So Mauna Kea is the most sacred. They call it the belly button, too. That’s like our birth place. You can imagine that in the middle of the ocean. That’s how our islands were formed. So how can that not be sacred?”

RELATED: Jason Momoa Joins Hawaiian Telescope Protest with His Two Kids: ‘We Are Not Going Anywhere’

While there are other telescopes on the mountain, most of them are defunct and a lot smaller than the plans for the TMT. Momoa got involved with the protests after hearing what was happening in his home state.

Jason Momoa with his two kids

The Game of Thrones actor has been joining the protest whenever he can in recent years, and made another stop the day before his 40th birthday last month. Momoa was accompanied at the protest by family and his two kids with wife Lisa Bonet: son Nakoa-Wolf, 10, and daughter Lola Iolani, 12.

“I just want to say that I’m thankful to the protectors and the stewards of this land, and we are not going anywhere,” Momoa told the crowd, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Momoa isn’t the only celebrity to join the protests. Dwayne Johnson made a surprise appearance the week before Momoa’s latest visit to help protect the island he called home for a few years in his childhood.

Johnson, who arrived at the tenth day of protests, told the crowd he was honored to be with them and said, “I stand with you,” according to the Associated Press.

“This is such a critical moment and a pivotal time. Because the world is watching,” he added.

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'Little Women: LA': Is Terra Jole a Bully?

Christy McGinity took to social media to announce that she would not be returning to Little Women: LA. She alleged she would not be returning to the show after producers allowed Terra Jole to speak about McGinity’s past substance abuse issues. McGinity claimed her contract included a clause that ensured co-stars could not discuss her past issues. McGinity has since walked back the comment and now claims she isn’t leaving the show, but the incident is further proof that Terra Jole is a bully.

Terra Jole has createda mean girls environment

Several cast members seem to take issue with McGinity, but it appears as though Jole might be the ringleader. In 2016, McGinity checked herself into the hospital after a bar fight turned ugly between the two co-stars. According to TMZ, McGinity was taken to urgent care by producers after Jole threw a glass at her. She complained of headaches after the incident.

McGinity later took herself to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain injury and monitored by staff. According to rumors, Jole wasn’t the only one to jump in on the fight. Other castmates were accused of attacking and beating McGinity during the brawl. The cast members involved were not identified, but it does suggest that Jole has managed to create a mean girls environment, and McGinity is the odd woman out.

Terra Jole attacks hercastmates on social media

Back in 2017, Terra Jole completely unraveled on a trip to Alaska. According to Reality Tea, the TV personality had to be restrained and removed from the situation when her temper flared to a dangerous level. Long after the episode was filmed, she took to Twitter to defend herself but spent more time picking on her castmates.

Her Twitter posts were less about defending herself and more about degrading her castmates. She seemed to enjoy pointing out her co-stars’ faults. Jole alleged Briana Renee was “delusional” and accused her of not being ‘fierce.” Renee was not the only co-star she took issue with that year, though. She also took aim at McGinity during the episode, and later lamented that she has every right to dislike someone, according to People.

Did Jole take it toofar this time?

Little Women: LA, wouldn’t be the show it is without the drama that surrounds the ladies, but it seems like Jole took it way too far this time. Not only did she question McGinity’s parenting, alleging she is too involved in her daughter’s life, but she questioned McGinity’s sobriety.

McGinity’s history ofsubstance abuse isn’t a secret, but she’s been sober for nearly ten years now.The massive feat is one McGinity is proud of, and she has used her star powerto discuss her sobriety and the importance of maintaining a sober life. WhenJole attacked her former substance abuse, McGinity felt bullied and attacked.In fact, she felt so attacked that she was willing to quit the show over it.

View this post on Instagram

BIG NEWS!! 😱😱 @gonzogrape11

A post shared by Christy McGinity (@lilchristyrocks) on

McGinity noted in anInstagram Live post: ‘The fact that she had to pull out that card proves justhow desperate and heartless Terra really is. The fact is that I have been sobernow for nearly 10 years. I’m proud of the progress I have made and that was abig slap in the face to not only myself but the thousands of viewers that aresuffering the direct and non-direct effects of addiction.”

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